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Fred: The Movie

Clay Weiner

Fred is in LOVE! In fact, he's in love with the girl next door, Judy. Unfortunately, Fred's nemesis lives across the street, and thwarts each attempt he makes to see her. When Fred finally succeeds in making it to Judy's house, he discovers that she has moved and then embarks on an epic journey to find her! more less
Release Year: 2009


Format: Video on Demand
Studio: Lionsgate
Genre: Comedy

Cast & Crew

Actor: Lucas Cruikshank
Jennette Mccurdy
Jake Weary
Siobhan Fallon
John Cena
Pixie Lott
Director: Clay Weiner
Writer: David A. Goodman


Language: English
Certification: BBFC 12
Total Running Time: 1 hr 22 mins
Standard Definition Bitrate*: 1500kbps
Copyright Details: TM & Copyright © MMX Derf Films, LLC.

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