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Our tips

Keep it simple - Best results are often obtained if you enter just one or two key words from the title of a DVD, CD, game or book. Try using the least common words. (Don't use words like 'the', 'and', 'a', etc. which will produce many results.)

Don't worry about punctuation - Adding punctuation is not necessary when searching. The Sainsbury's Entertainment search engine will reveal the same results 'proper punctuation' or not.

Try a different search category - If you can't find a film searching by title try searching by actor or director instead. For example, searching DVDs by actor for 'Russell Crowe' - or just 'Crowe' - will produce a list of all films we stock starring that actor.

Perform a fuzzy or wildcard search - If you can't remember the correct spelling of an artist or a title, you can use the '~' symbol at the end of a search term to perform a fuzzy search. For example, searching for 'ucher~' will find available products of the artist 'Usher'. Furthermore, the search engine supports character wildcard searches. To perform a single character wildcard search use the '?' symbol. A multiple character wildcard search can be performed by using the symbol '*'. For example, searching for 'miss*' will produce a list of available products containing terms that start with 'miss' (e.g. 'mission' or 'missing'). Please note that '*', '?' and '~' are not allowed as first character in a query.

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