How to watch previously purchased titles on your Xbox 360

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How to watch previously purchased titles on your Xbox 360

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Go to the Microsoft app store via your Xbox 360 dashboard and download the Sainsbury’s Entertainment app.

When you first launch the app you will be shown a code which will need to be entered into the Device Management Page on the Sainsbury’s Entertainment website.

From the Device Management page select Games Console from the ‘add a new device’ menu and fill in your code, don’t forget to give your Xbox a name (for example: Lounge Xbox). This will pair your Xbox app to your Sainsbury’s Entertainment library.

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All of your film and TV titles purchased through our Video On Demand service can now be viewed using the Sainsbury’s Entertainment Xbox app. This app will allow you to watch online (stream) your titles. Currently downloading to Xbox 360 is not enabled.

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All of your available titles are displayed in the in-app library and you can view the product details by clicking on the image. You can watch your title from the start or if you have already started watching it on another device you have the option to resume playing from the place you left off.

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Parental controls:

Please note that Microsoft’s own parental controls prevent any you may have set with Sainsbury’s from working on your Xbox. We advise that you replicate any restrictions with the Xbox Parental Controls.